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观 众 须 知
  1. 请您着装整洁,持有效票券入场,衣冠不整、酗酒者谢绝入场。
  2. 请勿将食品、饮料、提包带入观众厅内,盛装食品、饮料的容器请予以寄存。
  3. 1米以下儿童谢绝入场(儿童专场除外);1米以上儿童照章购票,儿童专场全部凭票入场。
  4. 未经允许,不得在场内拍照、摄像、录音。以上设备一并谢绝带入场内。
  5. 现场观看演出时请关闭手机等通讯设备或调至静音。
  6. 请照看好您的小孩,不要在观众厅内跑闹,以免摔伤。
  7. 严禁在场内大声喧哗。
  8. 演出期间请勿随意走动。
  9. 迟到观众请在门口稍侯,待幕间休息时,在服务员引领下轻轻入场,就近入座
  10. 10. 中场休息出门时,请向门口服务员领取副券,以便再次入场。
  11. 11. 剧院内禁止吸烟,如发生紧急情况,请您在工作人员的指引下迅速撤离。
  12. 入场前,请您将超过A3纸的大包、衣物、长柄伞、塑料袋等存放在票厅旁的衣帽间处。
  13. 演出票售出后概不退换。


Notice to the Audience
  1. Please dress neatly and enter with valid tickets.
  2. Food or drink should not be taken into the auditorium. Food and beverage containers should be stored in the cloakroom.
  3. Children under 1.0m in height are not allowed to enter the auditorium(excluding special performance for children). Children above 1.0m height are required to buy tickets.For special performance for children, please enter with effective tickets.
  4. Without permission, no photographing, video-taping or recording is allowed in the auditorium. Devices above should not be taken into the auditorium.
  5. During the performance, please turn off or mute your mobile phones and other communication devices.
  6. Please take good care of your children and keep them searted to avoid in jury.
  7. Please keep quiet in the auditorium.
  8. Please do not walk around during performance.
  9. If you are late, please wait outside the auditorium. Following the attendant to enter quietly and take the nearest seat during the intervals.
  10. Please ask the attendants at the gate for admission passes during the intervals.
  11. Smoking or chewing gum is strictly prohibited in the auditorium.
  12. Before entering the auditorium. Please store your bags(larger than A3 papers).coats. long-handled umbrellas and plastic bags in the cloakroom on the first floor of the lobby.
  13. No refunds or exchange if the tickets are sold.

Thank you for your kind co-operation. We wish you a good time here.
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